Beware Of Eating These 9 Foods That Cause Inflammation!

There are multiple researches that show what role our diet plays in increasing chronic inflammation. To satisfy our taste buds, we consume some foods that don’t favor our health. Over time, this would result in a poor immune system, increased weight, numerous diseases and the list goes on. Here are 9 most common foods that we all eat almost every day.

1. Refined Flour

Refined wheat flour lacks the slow-digesting fibers which mean that the food will get quickly break down by the body. This leads to a high rise in blood sugar.

2. Sugar

Too much glucose can be fatal for health as it promotes inflammation. Soda, candy, snack bars are some sugary foods to avoid.

3. Vegetable Oil

With the high concentration of inflammatory fats, vegetable oils are high in inflammatory fat omega-6 whereas low in omega-3, the anti-inflammatory fat!

4. Fried Foods

We often gorge on fries, onion rings during a brunch. Despite knowing that these are harmful to health. These foods are high in AGEs (Advanced Glycation End) that causes inflammation.

5. Saturated Fats

The common culprits here are pizza, burgers, packaged chips etc. Besides making your body a host to multiple diseases, these trigger the inflammation of fat tissue.

6. Processed Meat

There is a huge difference between fresh meat and processed meat! These are high in saturated fats, AGEs, preservatives, artificial colors & flavors to preserve them.

7. Alcohol

Too much of alcohol consumption in one go will not go well with your body! It would end up inflating the stomach and damage the liver cells.

8. Trans Fat Foods

As trans fats don’t occur naturally, our body doesn’t know to break them down easily! As the result, an inflammatory response is stimulated. Cookies, muffins, doughnuts are the common culprits.

9. White Bread

These have yeast, refined flour, gluten, all of which support inflammation. Consider consuming fresh bread to avoid harmful health consequences.

Inflammation is a process that disturbs your internal health and external appearance altogether. Avoiding some foods like sugar, refined flour can eventually reduce the risk.